$20 for $50 Worth of Car Washes With Free Vacuums to Use! (Washes start at $4!)

$20 for $50 Worth of Car Washes With Free Vacuums to Use! (Washes start at $4!)

Team Clean Carwash
Value $50
Discount 60%
Savings $30
Time left: 00:00:00
Scratch Free Guaranteed!
Vacuums Always Free!
Never Have to Leave Your Car.

Not Another Car Wash Like This in ALL of Arkansas!
Come find out why our customers come from
ALL OVER Little Rock to use our Car Wash!

After your Certificate purchase here today, take your printed voucher to our location and pick up your $50 WashCard good towardsany of our amazing car washes. Wash prices are $4, $7 and $10 and you'll find our $10 wash to be as good or even superior to any "Hand" wash and detail service's that you've had!

•Convenient 3-minute wash time: from the time you pay at the pay terminal until your exiting the tunnel with a clean, dry car is only 3 minutes.

•Everything is automated and performed in the tunnel by the equipment, as you exit the tunnel you drive off on your way.

Vacuums always free and you can vacuum as long as you want (if you chose to vacuum this is the only thing done manually and it is self-serve).

Inexpensive prices – washes begin at $4 with $7 and $10 (these price points go to $5, $8, $10 begin 2-1-12.

•Carwash provides a very, very clean and dry car, it’s as if it’s been washed by hand, probably will be cleaner than if you wash it yourself by hand (and it only takes 3 minutes instead of the 40+ minutes if you were to wash it by hand.

•Soaps used in wash provide fresh scent inside your car.

•Lustra shield is a glossy protective coat applied (on $10 wash) to the entire car that acts like a “rain-x” to cause water to bead-up and roll off your car keeping it clean for a longer time between washes.

Tire shine ($10 wash) and car polishes ($8 and $10 washes) are applied by the equipment in the tunnel as you ride-thru in your car and if used frequently will create a lasting protective coat on tires and car paint.

Protective coat extends the length of time the outside of your car and tires stay clean.

•Enjoy staying in the warmth of your car in the winter as you ride through the tunnel wash / in the cool of your car in the summer as you ride through the tunnel wash – that’s correct – you do NOT get out of your car, convenient ride-thru wash.

•Easy tunnel entrance with employees always present to assist you.

•Special soft “foam” cleaning “fingers” (neoprene type material) ) provide a detail clean, scratch free wash EVERY TIME!

Clean and attractive facilities are another reason you will enjoy your trip to the carwash.

Limit 5 Certificate purchases per Family, but unlimited purchases allowed as gifts to others.
No cash value.
Not valid with any other offer, discount or promotion.
Use Your Washcard as often as you like (got 3 cars?) untilused up!
No refunds. All sales are final.
Voucher expires 12/31/2012, But Once Wash Card is purchased, the value does not expire!

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